ZOA Welcomes New Executive Director to New Jersey!

The Zionist Organization of America has named Alan Jay as the new Executive Director of its New Jersey Chapter.  Alan: “I intend to infuse the chapter with a new energy and to provide access on a regional level to all that ZOA has to offer”.   In case you are new to the site: since our inception in 1897, ZOA has been among the most consistent and most ardent supporters of Israel and US-Israel relations. ZOA has taken point on publicly and vocally combatting anti-Semitism and harassment.  Through our ZOA Campus division and our Center for Law and Justice we educate the Jewish public, the general public, and the government about the Arab war against Israel, the relentless Iranian pursuit of nuclear weapons and the truth about Israel’s right to her land. We advocate for victims of terror and we combat anti-Semitism on college campuses, in schools and in the community. ZOA New Jersey allows NJ residents to be involved in this important work.  NJ Chapter members will have exclusive access to ZOA programming including exclusive speaker engagements, missions to Israel, and other regional and national events.  “In a global landscape featuring BDS, ISIS and a near-nuclear Iran, we supporters of Israel and defenders against anti-Semitism need to be heard.  ZOA gives voice to our concerns.  Visit our website. Join our team.  Support ZOA!”  Alan Jay can be reached at